“Be a Neighbor – Feed a Neighbor”

Current Board of Directors:

Kathy Mountain, President

Board member since 2008, President since 2012

As a participant and group lead in the “Ted Spella Leadership Program” sponsored by the Algonquin/Lae in the Hills Chamber of Commerce, the group project focused on the Food Pantry and helped create the pantry’s logo, the tag line “Be a neighbor~Feed a neighbor” and the creation of the pantry’s first website.

Sal Maggio, Vice President

2008 – current

As a volunteer at the pantry since 2002, Sal joined the Board in 2008. Sal was the project manager and coordinator for the construction of the new building on Pyott and is responsible for Buildings & Grounds along with coordinating our DirectConnect Program (retail food pick-up)

Clarenda Johnson, Secretary

2000 – current

As a founding volunteer, Clare soon found herself on the Board as the Secretary and is responsible for writing all of the thank you notes to our donors to this date. Her gift of the written word is truly a blessing.

Julie Schmickley, Treasurer

Founding Board Member – current As a founding member of the pantry, Julie has worn many hats over the years. In addition to watch-dog approach to our finances, she coordinates the NIFB food purchases and deliveries at the pantry to include the food truck programs we sponsor with local groups.

Mary Terese Piemonte, Director

Founding Board Member – current Mary Terese is a founding member of the food pantry and considers the volunteers to be our “life blood.” In addition to managing the volunteer schedules, she also publishes a quarterly newsletter and helps organize community food drives and tours as needed.

Ken Scott, CPA, Director

2020 – current

With the ever changing tax laws/financial reporting requirements for non-profit organizations, Ken’s 30+ years of experience in this arena will insure the pantry stays compliant and be good stewards of pantry operations as we continue or mission of serving our clients with dignity for years to come.

Previous Board of Directors:

Ken Scott, CPA, Director

Founding President, 1999 – 2019
As the Founding President, Dick worked with local churches and community members to establish the pantry

Kay Boyer

Retired 2020
Kay began volunteering at the pantry after retiring from a long and successful career as an elementary school teacher.  She ran the day to day operations at both the Oak Street and Pyott Road.

Carol Platt

2011 – 2020
Carol was the chief fundraiser for our capital campaign that made the move to the Pyott location possible.  Through her tireless efforts and amazing ideas the fundraising
seemed secondary to the event at hand. 

Dave Ward

2012 – 2018
With his banking background, Dave brought great insight to the Board and helped get the pantry aligned with new budgetary needs as we moved into our new building on

Stephanie Maier

Founding Board Member, retired 2014
Stephanie held the roles of Treasurer and Inventory Manager during her tenure. She was instrumental in all aspects of the pantry n the beginning with her focus on
shopping to ensure the pantry offered a selection for the clients.

Kathy Herman

Retired 2010
Kathy started as a volunteer and became a Board Member on the early years.  Kathy worked closely with the founding churches, playing a very important role in establishing
the pantry in the community.

Linda Knight

Retired 2010
Linda joined the pantry in the early years and managed stocking and inventory matters during her tenure

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