“Be a Neighbor – Feed a Neighbor”

Tips on Organizing a Food Drive (click here for more tips)

Nominate two food drive coordinators:
These individuals will be responsible for organizing the food drive within your
organization and communicating with Food Pantry staff.

Set your dates:
Average food drives run two weeks in length. When establishing the length of your
drive, keep in mind the number of employees, students, members or customers you
expect to participate. Whether you are holding a "one day only" event or a month-long
drive, it is very important to establish a start date and an end date for your drive. Set
your actual deadline a few days after your publicized deadline.

Establish a realistic goal:
Your food drive can be measured in terms of the organization's total donation or
donation per person. For help in establishing a realistic goal for your organization,
contact the Food Drive Coordinator.

Promote your food drive:
Begin promoting your food drive at least two weeks before your start date. Place
posters (sample
fliers available at our website) and collection boxes in highly visible
locations throughout your event or organization.

Other ideas to promote your drive include:
• Profiling the food drive in your newsletter.
• Sending everyone an email with a shopping list.
• Broadcasting your food drive on the PA system.
• Creating mailbox or paycheck stuffer highlighting your food drive.
• Attach a letter to several brown paper bags explaining your organizations food drive
• Drop a bag at each house & include the date you will be back to pick it up.  
• Homeowners simply need to leave their donation on their doorstep.  

The most successful food drives are those that offer a fun and rewarding
experience for donors. Ideas include:
• Hosting a kick-off party for your food drive.
• Giving your food drive a
• Creating competitions between floors, departments, schools or classes.
• Challenging other organizations to a food drive.
• Hosting a wrap up party.
• Hosting a building competition using only nonperishable food.
• Recognizing participants with gift certificates or plaques.
• Encouraging employees to donate in memory of a loved one.